A&G: The Story of Us

I have been working on our social accounts, website revisions, and swag projects for Allen & Gerritsen as part of a larger initiative
to freshen up our brand aesthetic and voice. Part of this refresh was to create a video asset to better represent of who we are. 
This is what I helped make.

I worked with our Creative Director team after the initial concept and script were presented to internal stakeholders. I helped them ideate visuals, edit the script based on feedback, and direct our team while we were shooting and on the edit. After a casting call, I was selected to be the voice over talent for the final spot.

Creating consistency on social.

After making the video, we started integrating it on our social platforms, as well as on our website.
I worked closely with our social team to implement strategy for social and helped oversee production of graphic assets (and wrote the copy).