About Us


We have always put the joy and experience of entertainment in music first. We are filled withalargenumber ofamusicianfrom all over the world, filled with all form of music and entertainment. Our artist ismost loved andcommerciallysuccessfulartist in the world. We aresomeone where the most creative and innovativepeople in the industry to work.We interview musician from all over the world and choose the best ones for you. You can also sell your music at good royaltyprices in our company. Keep every penny ofyour music sold to us. We charge no hidden cost and you can track your savings and earnsanytime from us.

We distribute your music to worldwide media major ones are Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, Vevo,Amazon, Apple music,Deezer, Nokiaand many more. We are very professional and always have a personal approach to get your music recorded and sound as good as it can be for the whole world. Our producer can offer you services and help you to get the most out of you Our company has its own trained Artist manager to help you with placing your music in the market, all you got to do is just call us for any inquiriesand we are hereto help you promote your music.

Our music band has gained popularity in all wedding functions, special occasions, parties,andevents.To check on price and availability send us an enquiryand we will mail you the price quotation.

Music touches your heart and soul, rejuvenatesall your energyonce again and brings you back to the world full of colors, making you smile everyday. Get on to your toes and play the music by our band and see the magic that happens to you. Cheers!