Heart and Soul in Music



The groupthat plays popular music or militarymusic is a band. These bands perform a wide range of music. For example,six-member rockband group is usually called Toto with avocalist, guitarist, bassist, keyboard players,anddrummer. These bandsconsisting ofagroupof musicians worktogether to perform music. Differenttype of band include String Quartets, Ceili And Barn dance, pop Bands, Jazz Bands, English Barn dance bands, American barn dance bands, Scottishceilidh dance, Irish ceilidh barn dance, Folk Solos and duos dance, Guitarists, pianists., Harpists, Singers, All female string quartets and so on. All these band types forms are weddings favorites, party favorites, forclassical and light music lovers, for people wholove pop or jazz etc.

Some of the musicians havetaken advantage oftheir music and place insocial media too. Theypost their poetry to food commentary, some share photos, live sets, and videos. Apart from posting on facebook, they can be connected to thestageand their works are seen shared on youtubevideos. Few to name in this category arethe famous Deer hunter/Atlas Sound/Lotus Plaza,Ghettocross, Belle and Sebastian, Jim JamesandM.Ward, Best Coast,Mobythis list is endless.

Getting our favoritemusic heard is quite difficult. And getting the favoritemusic sang and played by our favoriteperson is evenharder. If youareagood songwriterand want to find your band that interest you,you got to really work harder to find that write one. We all have heard about un solicited emails from bands, hence it becomes difficult to choose the right one to trend. Spending more time on each site looking for the type of music played and relating your interest should work wonderfully. If your interest is in hip pop, guitar, jazz, finding them on twitter is better than blogs.


Most of the music band companies have bands that can play for Weddings, Special occasions or corporate events. Theyhavealistof bands shown ontheir website which allows the customer to choose and select the type of band based on their occasion one 

Music band consisting of musicians shouldhave websites that attractvisitors and also provides information about themthis helpstheir fans to find what they want. Most of the band sites will be very common, of course,based on the pictures uploaded the difference can be made. Prominent photos ofthebandare included along with their bio, tourdates some song samples, a place to play and download music and ofcoursea place to write a blog.


The musical band websites use large photos, full screen andbig backgrounds with lots of elements, colourswhich gives strong visual attractions to visitors. However,there arelots ofdesign stylesin this industry which one can choose based on the preferences.


Any artist or band is likely to come across and spell out exactly what they do,few people associated with music bands include: 


A&R Artist and Repertoire is someone basically seeking out new talentthey work closely with the artist in finding new music,discovering and listening to their music. Once they sign an artist, theywork alongside them to develop their sound and market them.

Artist manager will represent you to the business, help you negotiate with the price. They offer lots of input to present your music. They often work for some commission. 


Booking Agenthandlesall the live booking for a band from tour dates to places. Working closely with them willhelp to expand contacts,they help to securea showat large venue, support slots and will also help the band get organizedfor live performances.

Distributorhelpsyou get your release into Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, record shops. The help to release band name, licensing, getabarcode, releaseyour band name in the market ofthemusic industry.

Music publishers or Music Companyis responsible forensuring that the musician or the songwriterreceived the paymentwhen their composition is released in the market. They are only concerned with actual songcomposition.

Pluggerhelps the band or the musician to promote theirrelease to blogs, press, radio, magazines and other media.

Producer helps in recording the track, they suggest changes to song arrangement, and theirrole varies depending on your interest inhow your producer has to take your music to the media.

Promoterand Record label will helpinbuilding a career in the music world the label given by them on your career initially will help you achieve success in the music band.